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Project Financial Literacy registration has ended for 2016-2017. Registration for 2017-2018 will begin on July 15, 2017.

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Project Financial Literacy: School Sign Up

Please enter the requested information in the fields below to register your school for Project Financial Literacy. By registering your school, you will receive a set of credentials that your students will use to sign into the assessment. Please distribute the credentials to your students at the time they are asked to take the assessment.

The email address and password you create below can be used to sign into the management console. The management console is used to create additional student logins, download student sign-in credentials, create additional teacher/administrator accounts and view results once they are available. Only one teacher/administrator at your school should register your school. If additional teachers/administrators need access to the management console or the results, please create accounts for them using the management console.

For program or technical questions related to Project Financial Literacy, please call 515-303-0331, or