TS Institute Educators joining the Project make a commitment to improving student financial literacy in the manner that best suits their students and school. The first facet in the Project is “Teach.” Our recommended resource for teaching financial literacy is the TS Institute.

The TS Institute is a non-profit organization committed to creating a stronger, more financially savvy future generation through promoting and enhancing financial literacy among K-12 students. The institute has staff and resources to help you develop a financial literacy program that fits your school’s needs, and can also assist in finding funding for curriculum or other programs.

The TS Institute specializes in programming that emphasizes the following areas:

  • Personal Finance
  • Banking
  • Insurance/Risk Management
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship

And does so by facilitating the following:

  • Curriculum Review and Consulting
  • Program Delivery (in school lessons, after school events)
  • Teacher Educational Workshops
  • In-School Banking Programs

The TS Institute is an adviser to the Iowa Department of Education and works with Iowa banks to promote financial literacy state wide. Please visit the Institute’s website at http://www.tsinstitute.org/ or contact Kyle Osborne (kyle.osborne@tsinstitute.org) at 605-480-3022 or Bob Mantell (bob.mantell@tsinstitute.org) at 402-680-2896 to learn more.